About Us


Our mission is to create a digital eco-system servicing all participants in the legal industry; this begun in July 2016 with the launch of our MVP after 12 months of development. In the second quarter of 2017 we expanded our offering with the launch of LawComparator and the integration of an A.I Contract Review service. The future will also see the incorporation of other features and services as we continue to expand our marketplace.


We’re delighted that the legal and business media is taking a keen interest in our corporate journey. Most recently, our partnership with ProfessionalMums.net, which will help facilitate the engagement of women lawyers who want to work flexibly, was covered by Australasian Lawyer.

You can read about how the press has reported Crowd & Co’s journey here.


The “gig economy” has created new opportunities for lawyers, law firms, and in-house counsel to engage. Advanced application of legal technology is changing what it means to be a lawyer. Crowd & Co sits astride new law and law tech, and we keep you updated with our thoughts on this fascinating industry, and some tips on how to thrive in it.

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Dr Stephen Moss


Stephen is the Chairman of Eaton Capital Partners, a corporate advisory firm specialising in working with professional services firms. Stephen has a deep professional background in legal services and has been involved in several of the national and international mergers and combinations of law firms around the world over the past 25 years. Stephen’s career includes 14 years as a Partner and Managing Partner of PwC, Managing Director and CEO roles with a number of consulting firms and two years running IBM Consulting in Australia and New Zealand. Stephen is particularly sought after in assisting clients to manage change.


Jarred Hardman


Jarred founded Crowd & Co in 2015. Jarred has more than 15 years' experience as a lawyer - in private practice at one of Australia’s largest law firms, in-house at an ASX 100 company, and in commercial and operational roles in the mining and infrastructure sectors. Jarred has seen first hand the shift in the legal market and the opportunities for on-demand professional services. While completing his MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW, Jarred conceived the online legal marketplace that is Crowd & Co to enable lawyers to connect, engage and collaborate in a new, more efficient way.


Xan Colman


Xan is a qualified lawyer with corporate and community sector experience. He also has fifteen years’ experience leading performing arts companies, festivals and community development programs. Xan understands the potential unleashed by aggregating mutually-interested communities. As an early adopter of flexible professional work practices in moving between the law and the arts, Xan recognises the great potential of  Crowd & Co's full-service marketplace to enhance this proposition both for lawyers and their client customers.

Crowd & Co is based in Melbourne, Australia. We have people across the globe advising and helping us to create this new online legal marketplace.