Crowd & Co

Reshaping the way professional services sectors connect, engage and collaborate. This is the #DigitalVillage.

Our Vision

Our aim is to equip you for the future economy.

Our technology enables professional services sectors, and/or segments within them, to create digital ecosystems for their constituents to aggregate and interact as they would in the traditional village marketplace. The village marketplace encompasses community: commerce, knowledge, recreation and nurture. The other great thing about a village is it connects to the village down the road. So we built the road as well.

Our Journey

The Beginning

In July 2016 we launched our MVP two-sided marketplace after 12 months of boostrap development.

Exploration and Early Adopters

Client engagement and feedback took us back to the lab to create an enterprise centric solution.

A Network is born

With the message of engagement we are now building networked private marketplaces across all sectors.


We have created the foundation now we ask you to join us on the journey of creating #DigitalVillage.

Our People


George Covino


George is a highly experienced software industry executive with previous leadership roles at DocuSign, SalesForce and CA Technologies [now Broadcom]. Respected for his strategic approach and expertise across global enterprises; he brings a passion for growth and customer engagement to Crowd & Co and the global digital ecosystem it is creating.

Jarred Hardman


Jarred founded Crowd & Co after seeing a gap in the legal market and a move towards organisations utilising independent consultants to supplement their business. Jarred laid out the vision for Crowd & Co and successfully lead its first capital raising and the tech team to develop a SaaS marketplace for contingent workforce management.

Paul Mateos


Paul comes with 20 years of experience in the IT industry encapsulating consultancy, development, quality assurance, DevOps and application performance monitoring. He brings to Crowd & Co a passion for client relationship building and keeping us in front of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Xan Colman


Xan is a qualified lawyer with corporate and community sector experience. An early adopter of flexible professional work practices, he also has fifteen years' experience leading performing arts companies, festivals and community development programs. Across disciplines, Xan advocates and revels in the potential unleashed by aggregating mutually-interested communities, the core proposition of Crowd & Co's #DigitalVillage vision.

Crowd & Co is based in Australia. We have people across the globe helping us to create this #DigitalVillage ecosystem.


Thanks for your interest.

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